And she shall be called Mama Moon…

One day (it was still daylight at the time), while in studying and lying on my couch, I heard spirit say, “create a clearing oil and call her Mama Moon.” I took a spiritual bath and, without further hesitation journeyed into my kitchen to set the atmosphere (I go through a series of rituals prior to formulating any product). With gratitude (I literally thanked the Moon throughout the whole process) I allowed source to lead me through creating this oil.

As the Moon began to peak from behind the clouds and appear through my kitchen window, I was instructed to pull 3 cards. One by one I flipped the cards, Mama Staff, 4 of Blades and Justice – these cards would become the foundation for Mama Moon. While I poured the ingredients, I felt in full harmony with nature, my ancestors, and source as Mama Moon came to life. Upon completion, I secured her and bathed her in the light of the Moon and just before the sun could touch her!

Source was very generous that night, as I was also given this activation incantation:

Divine Mama Moon,
Reveal to me all that I may need to see,
so that I may know the divine path set before me
Remove from me all that bars, binds, holds, hinders and harms
Remove from me all that stops my flow.
Guide me onward and upward on my path to know.


No matter where you are on your journey, may Mama Moon meet you wherever you are and may she clear your path on your journey to knowing all the answers you may be seeking. Allow Mama Moon to teach and protect you and to bathe you in her fullness and glory. And watch yourself transform!

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