Mama Moon Readings: January 2020

5 of Coins

  • 5 of Coins comes to us on this Full Moon in Cancer AWAKENED and ready to bring us faith, new possibilities and new awareness! The 5 of Coins is also asking us to retreat to see this new awareness giving you the ability to move forward!
  • 5 of Coins comes to tell us to have faith and to know that you will come through on the golden side during your treacherous journey emerging with renewed faith and greater character.
  • The 5 of Coins warns that sacrifice is needed during this transformation. This could mean relieving yourself of material possessions, ending cultural traditions, the loss of relationships (family, friendships, romantic), old identities, dreams, etc.
  • 5 of Coins comes to let you know despite life’s current hardship’s life, its time to assess and cut away all that no longer belongs or serves you. Accept assistance and be ready to MOVE FORWARD!
  • You will come out of this unscathed, however your faith and spirit will be made new!
  • Once this clearing takes place new possibilities will have room to emerge and bring blessings in your life!


  • pBuMaotVZdhXs


  • NrKevaUnWsxCtL


  • QFvCifpaJHAWSqPg


  • puUCWgTMQ


  • HpjmutBMfrgk


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