The Foundation of Mama Moon…

Mama Staff
  • Mama Staff is bringing new life, light & vigor to every situation and giving protection to those who are vulnerable.
  • Mama Staff is bringing forth our quest for higher knowledge, which will come through structure & discipline.
  • Mama Staff is helping us to establish our kingdom on this earth.
  • Through this Mama Moon oil, Mama Staff is helping us tend to our deep emotional nature by bringing us back into balance so that our accomplishments don’t leave us feeling hollow or unfulfilled.
  • Mama Staff is bringing us a sense of authority & persistence as we awaken to our true nature.
  • Mama Staff, through our Mama Moon oil, is helping us work on our sacral energies, bringing us sensuality and eroticism.
4 of Blades
  • The 4 of Blades is helping us prepare for life’s greatest challenges by remind us of our own knowledge & strength.
  • Through Mama Moon oil, conflict and strife (both external and internal) will be released.
  • Mama Moon oil assists us in cutting to the heart of the matter in situations.
  • Mama Moon will be revealing challenges such as illness, heartbreak, war, love & death or truths you need to face.
  • Mama Moon is enhancing the realms of the mind by bringing clarity and consciousness.
  • Through Mama Moon oil you will see Justice & fairness play out in your life.
  • Mama Moon will be helping us to take time out and retreat to a place of rest and serenity.
  • Mama Moon is helping us with the healing of our traumas
  • Sealing our Mama Moon oil is Justice, which gives way to cause and effect.
  • The balancing of our intuition and logic
  • Mama Moon is aiding us in making decisions that will have long term effects in all things, not only for us but for those connected to us.
  • Justice ensures judgement will be made fairly & accordingly.
  • WARNING: If you have been wronged, our Mama Moon oil will bring you much relief. On the other hand, if your actions have caused pain to others, spirit will reveal it.
  • Mama Moon is helping us change our actions now for a better future.
  • Truth must come to light, helping us learn the truth about ourselves and others.
  • Mama Moon closes us out with helping to bring us back into a state of equilibrium by ensuring we walk in truth & clarity. This will allow us to see the paths we choose clearer and brighter!


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