Welcome to Our Magical Apothecary

Welcome Family!!

We (Chris and Maya) are so excited to have you! Let's chat...

Congratulations on making the decision to start healing your body naturally! We are grateful and honored that you are choosing to continue your journey us!

First, we are not medical doctors but self-taught herbalists who are learning & practicing the art of healing through herbalism. Through our apothecary, we give reverence to nature and to those who came before us (our ancestors) by using ancient healing techniques and fresh & dried herbs provided by the best pharmacy, NATURE!

Through the consumption of processed and genetically modified foods, maintaining unhealthy eating habits, and toxic environments our body & mind have undergone traumatic stress. As a result, we have lost our connection to nature and the way our ancestors intended us to live. In our apothecary you will find amazing herbal collections, consciousness treats and spiritual tools to keep you healthy for a lifetime! 

Herbal products will not make you completely healthy over night! Healing is a process and WE MUST DO THE WORK. By embracing nature's sacred gifts and taking care of our bodies, we become more united with nature and ultimately more connected to spirit. YOU are NATURE and NATURE is YOU.

At Holland Spices & More we are dedicated to shifting and enhancing the hearts, minds and bodies of those in our communities. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing many of the handcrafted medicines & treats we were inspired to create to, not only to heal ourselves but also, heal many of you. Please take a minute to browse our store.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Happy healing!!

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NOTE: If you are under medical care please consult with your doctors before mixing any herbal products with your medication.