The Foundation of To Rebirth A Woman…

5 Of Staffs

  • The energy right out the gate with this oil is beginning to deal directly with our ego. The battle between who you were and who you are becoming. Throughout our lives we go through stages of development which brings us back to ourselves, to begin our sacred rites of passage back to self.
  • The 5 of the staff are speaking to the need to become more ingrained within our communities because this is where we will find these rituals play out. these lessons are growing us into who we are meant to be.
  • The 5 of the staff tells us the need to understand the transition from our adolescence to becoming a well-prepared Woman. How do the two connect? What are the greatest lessons you've taken with you through that transition?
  • Spirit acknowledges the trials, tests, and competitions you are moving through but know these are the attributes that are testing and building your strength with the assistance of this spiritual oil.
  • To rebirth A Woman will relevel new individual abilities, giving you the power to adapt to your environment. Whether that requires you to nurture to raise or suppress to conform.
  • The 5 of Staff is showing us in the position of being READY YALL! We are standing cloaked in the glory of "To Rebirth A Woman" ready with anticipation of the trials/lessons ahead of us.
  • This card tells us clearly that if you have been drawn to this oil THE BATTLE HAS ALREADY BEGUN within you! The battle of the old self and the new self will come to a sparing battle against one another and YOU get to decide who wins this time! Elders will sit and challenge their ideas and beliefs.
  • Using To Rebirth A Woman will welcome new philosophies, wisdom, and downloads that will help you navigate the new world.
  • "To Rebirth A Woman" will cause separations that enable your comforts which will serve to harden your mind and body to withstand any obstacles you may face in the wilderness of life.
  • The 5 of staff is the battle that will serve as proof of your growth! (WOW! Read that 3 times!)
  • To Rebirth A Woman will help you to be assertive and take action to overcome blocks on your journey. ( This could show up in literal competition) You may be faced with some type of rivalry to gain what it is you desire or it could come in the form of having and advance of energy that needs to be released creatively.
  • To Rebirth A Woman may trigger inner conflict to show you the areas you may be spreading yourself to thin.
  • The 5 of staff reassures us every struggle eventually comes to an end and you will emerge stronger and wiser than you were before.


10 Of Gourds

  • The 10 of Gourd's energy engrained in " To Rebirth A Woman" brings us the energy of happiness, sharing, unity, spiritual attainment and sanctuary! (Whew!)
  • To Rebirth a Woman takes us through the galaxy which hosts the largest body of water ever known to mankind. This massive celestial object emits immense amounts of energy powered by a black hole. Scientists were looking at this mass. 12, billion light-years away. Forming at the same time as the BIRTH of our universe! (If that's not a word I don't know what is!)
  • To Rebirth A Woman wants you to imagine and connect with the wonder of that moment. What would it have been like to witness that? How does that change how you feel connected to the world around you?
  • The 10 of Gourd's energy using "To Rebirth A Woman" brings you into fulfillment with self. It will allow you to walk in the highest of Spirits, total joy, and communion with the energy that connects us all to Source.
  • This oil will give you the purest and most complete love, free of pretense. The Love of Self.
  • "To Rebirth A Woman" and the representation of the 10 Of Gourds pours an overflow of blessing onto us flowing from the Source.
  • Spirits invite us to know that this power is flowing from the "Quasar" which are so bright they drown out any other light! (Another Whew moment!) this powerful energy has empowered "To Rebirth A Woman" Spiritual Oil with new energy and life that are transmitted to our state here on earth. This is an exceedingly abundant flow of energy that will affect everyone within its range!
  • The 10 of Gourds comes to reassure us again that the worst is over! You have moved on from the superficial fulfillment to being complete on all levels.
  • "To Rebirth A Woman" will sharpen your intuition and creative energy. This oil will help you to live more authentically.
  • "To Rebirth A Woman" will help to realign your value systems, beliefs, and decisions to ensure they are of your highest good!
  • "To Rebirth A Woman" will help you to return to your center, your truth and your purpose for being here.


 Young Gourd

  • Young gourd speaks to our empathic nature that tends to take on the environment around them leading to moodiness, hypersensitivity, and self-sacrifice.
  • Young Gourd comes to tell us that the mind and emotions must come into harmony for the soul's urge to be expressed effectively. This card shows me the collectives desire for deep intimacy but tells us to achieve that we MUST work towards self-mastery by fearlessly facing the depts of our emotions. (Spirit suggests some artistic channel will help)
  • Young Gourd speaks to the woman being quite dynamic, but this makes for a volatile nature if put under too much pressure. This card shows you tend to remain subtle and mysterious to guard the more intense aspects of your personality
  • Young Gourd tells you that Loyalty and Love will keep you self-aware but also contained.
  • Young Gourd tells you that you are crafty and highly perceptive, enabling you to find the advantage in any situation.
  • Be careful of how you allow others to influence you and it becomes your state of being. Be aware of the source of your ambition to avoid manipulative and toxic behavior in the pursuit of your desires.
  • The source is giving you cleverness, vulnerability, curiosity and bravery which will help you survive your journey back to self. It will be through your genuine love and compassion that will allow you to find true salvation within yourself!
  • Young Gourd comes to tell us we must learn to balance our desires and propensity towards idealism with practical goals and constructive self-expression.
  • Learn to channel your intellectual curiosities, your imagination, your sense of interconnectedness and your higher aspirations into efficiency and productivity.
  • Young Gourd reminds us to draw on our intellect to help navigate the labyrinth of our emotional landscapes.
  • Young Gourd tells us it’s time for romance and artistic visions to emerge.
  • Using "To Rebirth A Woman" Spiritual oil will begin to surround you with relationships that are supportive of your growth instead of toxic and escapist activities and people.
  • The use of this oil will boost your capacity to advance your spiritual life at this time.
  • Young Gourd instructs us TO DO THE INNER WORK! Strive to develop our intuition and learn to understand the nature of ourselves without judgment or rose-tinted glasses.


 After pulling the 3 foundational cards from my "Dust To Onyx tarot deck" I felt led to pull 3 more from another one of my decks called "Practice You, daily awakening deck" and WOW! They were simple but very clear messages, instructions, and validation!!


Card 1: The answer you hold in your heart.

Place Hands on the heart.


Feel grounded and safe.

  • This how I quite my body?
  • This is how I Steady my system?


Card 2: The one option or angle you're actively avoiding.

  • What words convey your truth today?
  • This is what I'm afraid to say, but?
  • I know It will set me free to say.


Card 3: The lesson to be learned.

'This is my prayer to be at HOME within myself"

  • What is that prayer? Write it and include it in your ritual when using you To Rebirth A Woman spiritual body oil.


After that, there is nothing more I need to say. So, I will thank you for choosing to love and reconnect back with yourself! Enjoy the journey! Enjoying the birthing process!