To Rebirth A Woman: Decreasing On your way to becoming new again


Moon: Waning

Love is an expression of emotion. Love takes many forms, but the word typically describes an affection that is deep and emotional. If you say you're "in love," that tends to refer to the romantic kind of love. Love is a divine attribute; it is an idea in one's Mind. God is love and love is God or quality in Being. The difference between divine love and human love is that divine love is broad and unlimited - a universal and harmonizing power. Human love is based on personality – it is selfish, lawless, and fickle.

The love of self will play the greatest role in shaping and co-creating our lives. The love we have for ourselves truly does help create the world around us. The lack of this love and the knowledge of knowing how to give and receive love begins as early as childhood. This is when we learn who loves us and what that love looks like in other people. During this time, we are taught healthy and toxic ways to display love. Subsequently, our natural responses become abandoned and altered distorting the way we live and how we give love to ourselves. We are taught what to accept, suppress and release. With this tainted education of love, we attract what we believe we deserve. But if you don't know yourself, you cannot truly control what you attract.

Loving ourselves should be one of the easiest and simplest acts and energies to give to ourselves yet it proves to be the greatest feat many of us will achieve in this lifetime. - and what a phenomenal achievement that is! This simple act is what inspired this life-shifting spiritual oil, "To Rebirth A Woman". And I say shift for a reason, to shift means to change or exchange. To transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

These nonstop transitions we take in life can take so much from us, leaving behind tower moments. Through those tower moments, as the Tarot teaches us, are necessary transitions to shift your Whole Being! It is during these are times we forget to stop and give the greatest love ever - to ourselves. With this oil and your intention, the journey of self-love awaits you.

The purest love is and always will be the love of SELF.