Welcome to the Experience of The Star Goddess Collection!



Are you ready "To Rebirth the Woman" within you?

Upon activating your rebirth please be sure you are ready to invite the energy of Love and Transformation into your life and that you are ready to release everything that does not show up lovingly in your life this can also include leaving YOURSELF! If you have chosen to proceed with your journey, please take "To Rebirth of A Woman" into your hands and begin to call in your spirit guides and ancestors and cast your seal of protection around yourself during your ritual.

To begin your activation, you will need the element of water and fire. You can prepare a hot bath for your oil or choose to run her under hot water for a few minutes. As you watch her transform so shall you transform as you use her? As her sparkle and luster return so shall you sparkle. As you watch as this lifeless bottle comes to life so shall the life return unto you. See these things, know these things, Become these things! Focus your energy and speak aloud the incantation below!

Take a pink or red candle if neither are available white will do! Enchant it with your invocation below then light it. With "To Rebirth A Woman" in your hands speak these words:

 Divine Source of the Universe,

I release control and surrender to the flow, of Love that will heal me.

 I and Spirit, I am Love.

(As so below me, as is above me)

I Am loved, this love keeps me balance & centered.

(As so below me, as is above me)

Love fills me

Love Lifts me

Love shifts me

Love transforms me

Love heals me

Love Grows me

Love renews me

Love rebirths me

(As so below me, as is above me)

I am Spirit, I am Love, I Have Loved, I am Self Love.

(As so below me, as is above me)

 Open your bottle and apply her as you wish (during spiritual workings, everyday use on your body, etc). As you apply her, speak her incantation 3 more Loving times and be ready To Rebirth the woman within you waiting to be released!