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Many of us may not always have the time to take a full Spa Day. Elevate your self-care routine with our line of Spiritual Salt Baths! Allow Holland Spices to meet your therapeutic and wellness needs when the Spa and Time are out of reach!

16 oz jar. Approx. 3-5 uses.

DIVINITY Spiritual Salt Bath

"It is written in your own Law that God said, 'You are gods.'“– John 10:34-35.

Have you forgotten your Divinity? Divinity Salt Bath has been conjured to remind you!

This bath is packed with healing, spiritual power and ingredients that were picked to transport you back to your own divinity - to your own power! This bath will remind you of the Magick within and around you!


REGENERATION Spiritual Salt Bath

Regeneration Salt Bath is taking you back into the waters - the primordial waters of the Mother. For it is within the womb of the Mother that we find our being, being born again, transformed from the inside out. Our Regeneration Salt Bath is pure sunlight transformed into nutrition for your cells, your skin, your mind and for your spirit. This bath experience is a personal bath with our divine Mother.

Our Regeneration Salt Bath was crafted to detoxify the body and provide minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and tons of other trace minerals and fatty acids the skin and body needs to stay balanced and nourished. 


REVITALIZE ME Spiritual Salt Bath

Our bodies are constantly readjusting themselves to bring our energy back into statis. Self-care is vital to keeping these energies in harmony. During the times when your spiritual and physical body need to be restored or given life, Revitalize Me salt bath is the refresher needed to strengthen to your spirit and add time to your body! Return your mind, body and spirit back into balance.


TRUE SIGHT Spiritual Salt Bath

True Sight is beautiful. radiant, magical, mysterious, magnetic, delicate, and powerful!

My vision was to create a bath that (1) uses bold, red and blood oranges; (2) encompasses all these words, and (3) represents the Spirit world as I know and understand it. These keys set into motion my divination in a bath. Before you sit down to touch hands with the spirit world and communicate with the divine, ensure you are “FIXED” with power, protection, and grace! This spiritual bath pulls in the elements of citrus, hibiscus and many more deliciously magnetic herbs and oils. True Sight Spiritual Salt Bath is presenting the spirit world to you!