Quick Burn Lamp: Directional Guidance

  • Represents sexuality, passion, intensity 
  • Birth, Transformation, fertility 
  • The Imagination, the rawest aspects of ourselves 
  • Our creative force, our ability to shed our skin
  • Corresponds to wands in tarot 
  • The north corresponds to “UP” speaking to our highest nature, angelic beings are present 
  • North represents Earth, ground in
  • Divine timing is represented here


  • New beginnings
  • The East corresponds to communication, the heavens or powers of prophecy.
  • Mental keenness regarding spiritually awakening.
  • Summer solstice for telling of change 
  • The spiritual masters are found here. 
  • Relationship to others
  • Illuminations of emotions around frustration and aggression, distance and skepticism.
  • This direction belongs to Lord Shiva, the destroyer. This is the zone that brings spiritual powers, mental clarity and thinking ability.


  • New beginnings 
  • The East reminds you to stay in the present the past has nothing to offer you at this moment
  • The East deals with the 3rd charka:The solar plexus chakra is linked to the aura through the  Mental Body. This aura rules the thought and mental processes of the ego. Some of the key issues that can affect this aura are power, fear, anxiety and introvertism.
  • East represents dawn, hopefulness, and inceptions.
  • The energies of the East inspire our personal divinity, wisdom and dazzling spiritual potentials. When magical practitioners want to awaken personal awareness, they face the East and invoke the Guardians or Watchtowers that abide there.
  • The east symbolizes joy, renewal and ancient knowledge.
  • The East embodies our thoughts, learning, liberation, communication, the ethereal beings, breath, creativity, the Muse, cheer and new opportunities.


  • The east here represents the Air element, South symbolizes Fire. It is the fire in our blood
  • Southern Quarter here speaks to creation symbolizing our passions, energy, the spark of life.
  • The south in this position represents our middle childhood to teen aged years. This manifests with exuberant energy, playfulness, a sense of wonder, passion about simple things and growth.
  • South encourages us to embrace our passions, follow our hearts, and pursue our dreams with courage and determination.
  • East calls us to embrace change, release the past, and step into the unknown with trust and openness.
  • By embracing the energy of East, we can invite new opportunities, expand our consciousness, and experience profound spiritual awakening.
  • the south‌ is seen as a ​place ‍of light and energy. It represents⁤ the fire within, the passion and​ spark that fuels one’s⁣ spiritual journey.
  • embrace new opportunities and challenges, letting go of the old to make room for growth and transformation.


  • The south embodies the fire element and solar energies. Connecting passions, intense or gentle heat. 
  • The south represents the spark of life. 
  • The south deals with illumination. Metaphysically the south is associated with the season of summer.
  • The sound represents our middle stage of childhood. Dealing with how we’ve grown.
  • The south represents the beginning of a concept that’s coming to fruition.
  • The south offers you strength.
  • The south deals with our emotions.
  • The ancestors are represented here in the south.


    • Sexual and Sensual self
    • Be open to pleasure 
    • Disconnection between heart and pelvis 
    • Overly seeking attention through sexual addiction 
    • Feeling disconnected from the heart.
    • Here in this direction is the source of stability, security and prosperity.
    • Obstacles, delays and hindrances may be present 
    • Knowing your self worth



    •  The West symbolizes the moving of ignorance to wisdom.
    • West is associated with Autumn. The fading daylight hours represent slow, purposeful change.
    • The west tells us that spirit has no limits as well as exploring other realms and healing.
    • As you work with the Western Quarter pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions (Water) teach you about the impact of relationships and intimacy.
    • Include guided meditation, sacred dance, swimming or lying in water to move through your emotions.
    • The West represents the past
    • The west represents our thoughts and actions that may not be healthy for you.
    • The west turns us away from youthful ways and toward the wisdom of the adult or elder.



    • The west corresponds to the “waning” phase of the moon a sentimental time for reflection.
    • It is a time of patience and a time to seek deeper understanding of transitions
    • This period of more darkness, than light, should show us that our time is not unlimited and that making the best of the life we have been given is our Universal right and privilege and that “action” is still required to do so.