About Us

We are a Womb-owned herbal apothecary with a simple mission -  HEALING OUR COMMUNITIES ONE BEING AT A TIME!

Welcome to Holland Spices: The Herbal Sanctuary! We are Ruh & Akilah Holland and we specialize in handcrafting herbal remedies and spiritual tools to help shift and pioneer the healing taking place among our people. Our mission is simple to heal our communities one being at a time.

At the Sanctuary, we create the tools to no longer search outside of yourself for answers already within you. We teach you to plant seeds for your higher self and to search your own gardens to weed out what no longer serves you.

You will find informational blogs, herbal remedies, inspired thinking, working rituals, medicinal medicines, Goddess Lamps, classes, hands-on programs, community building and much more.

In The Sanctuary we will till, plant, weed, blossom and harvest together as one body, carrying one mission - To Heal in Wholeness

We invite you to take this journey with us!

Make the choice to start healing yourself today. Visit our shop and allow Holland Spices to show you Nature's way!